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Training Services

Geospatial Education and Training Center is one of the organizational units in the work environment of the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) with the main task of organizing and enhancing the quality of human resources for Geospatial Information through a series of educational and training activities. Born under the name PUSBINBANGGA Geospatial in 1982, the Geospatial Training and Education Center not only provides guidance and increases the competence of BIG human resources, but also human resources in other government agencies related to Geospatial Information activities, both at central and regional levels. Even at the regional level, the Geospatial Training Center also plays an active role in fostering Geospatial Information HR through TCDC (Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries) training activities in the Geospatial Information field that reaches developing countries in the Asia Pacific region, now better known as SSC (South- South Cooperation).

The great role of the Geospatial Training Center in developing and enhancing the competence of human resources Geospatial Information is inseparable from the dynamics of Geospatial Information knowledge and technology that continues to develop over time. Progress in the field of knowledge and technology, on the one hand, has been able to boost the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of work, but on the other hand, this progress requires mastery of the knowledge, skills and expertise of the workforce. Without adequate skills, knowledge and technology that is practical will not help much in increasing productivity and work efficiency. In relation to the development and enhancement of national Geospatial Information personnel competencies, one of the most felt obstacles is the lack of information received by Geospatial Information HR, especially those working in regional agencies, regarding the activities and training services of the Geospatial Training Center.

In the framework of equitable distribution of knowledge and skills, the Geospatial Training Center feels the need to compile guidelines containing training programs in the Geospatial Information Field. This book is expected to be a medium of communication with regional, private or individual agency officials who need additional knowledge and skills.


To be the Leading and Leading Educational and Training Institute in Geospatial Information


1. Develop a learning system based on best practices that meet the competency standards in the field of geospatial information

2. Establish cooperation in the development of geospatial information HR

3. Increasing the quality and good service in organizing geospatial information training


Professionals in Training Services to Create Reliable Human Resources in the Geospatial Information field

Geospatial Management Training is basically a management unit between the learning system, the preparation of the instructors, the management of education and training facilities and infrastructure.

The learning system adopted by the Geospatial Training Center is a combination of theories based on library knowledge, experiences of cases that have occurred, and practices based on realtime data and making future scenarios (modeling).

The training is generally carried out in the Geospatial Training Center Building - BIG or other places agreed by the Geospatial Training Center and agencies / organizations that use the Geospatial Training Center services. In relation to organizing on request, training time can be determined later by the Geospatial Training Center and the relevant agency / organization.

For individual participants who will take part in the training held at BIG, the fees for each training can be seen in the attached list. For agencies / organizations that will conduct training using the services of the Geospatial Training Center - BIG, the cost of the training depends on the type and length of training.

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